We are pleased to offer a full induction furnace fault finding, repairs, service package and
commissioning including:

·         Electrical panels: INDUCTOTHERM, PILLAR
·         Water cooling system
·         LV electrics
·         HV electrics
·         Hydraulics

Emergency breakdowns require a prompt response. We are available 24/7, for advice or an
engineer. Our low overheads enable us to offer sensible hourly rates.

Better yet, we can devise a preventive maintenance regime for you so that emergencies
become a rarity - scheduled servicing improves equipment reliability and improves your
productivity! We believe that prevention is better than cure so our competitively priced
service contracts are tailored to your individual requirements and represent excellent value
for money.

We can also supply a range of essential spares, which include:

·         Circuit breakers
·         Fuses, SCR thyristors & Diodes
·         Sensors: including water flow, temperature, pressure sensors and switches
·         Capacitors & contactors
·         VIP spares
·         Current Limiting Reactors, DI/DT Reactors, HF Transformers
·         Furnace power cables and bus-bars.
·         Cooling system components.
·         Crystals resin packs

We are based centrally in Sheffield, and distance within the UK is no object.

For more details, advice or a no-obligation quotation, please contact:

Chris Kicek,
83 Thornton Street,
S61 2LQ
Sheffield, Rotherham,
0044 (0)7726 443392,
E-mail: ifcprepairs@gmail.com
Breakdown repairs and maintenance to induction heating and melting equipment
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